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It all began in May 2020 when two sisters started Ko Sisters Seoul food cart serving Korean street food in Portland, Oregon’s metropolitan area.

In a very competitive food cart market, Ko Sisters was rated top eight food carts out of 600 in Oregon’s food investigation magazine.

The Sisters noticed one of the most popular dishes was the Korean burrito, a traditional Korean street food such as Bulgogi, Spicy pork, and Chicken wrapped in a tortilla.

The Sisters wanted to bring this experience to western Washington.

After a couple of years operating a food cart, Ko Sisters comes to Tacoma, Washington, establishing Rolls, a new brick and mortar restaurant that opened its doors in February 2024.

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Expand your palate!! Rolls serving Korean street food appetizers, burritos, bowls, and chicken. With the best ingredients, and home cook style you will soon have a favorite menu item, so come dine-in or order take out to expand your palate with Rolls.

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